Puzzles To Puzzle You By Shakuntala Devi with Solutions Free Download Link


Puzzles To Puzzle You by Shakuntala Devi

Author: Shakuntala Devi
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Date: March 2005
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN10: 8122200141
Pages: 136
ISBN13: 9788122200140

Description  :

By Shakuntala Devi Puzzles to Puzzle – Discover excitement and adventure of a mathematical puzzle! Match your wits with the human computer! Your mind, sharpen your friends hours of fun and purposeful entertainment pleasure!

The celebrity author, Shakuntala Devi, ‘the twentieth century, the official heroine’ are considered. It is faster than the fastest computer calculations, are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, and the count continues to amaze audiences with his feats – by Shakuntala Devi Puzzles to Puzzle You

Download Links :

Links – 1: Puzzles To Puzzle You Shakuntala Devi
Links – 2: Puzzles To Puzzle You Shakuntala Devi (Solutions)
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