FlexSlider (WooThemes) With Animated Title and Caption Image
by Tikendra Maitry | Jul 16.2013

Flexslider is a popular jQuery responsive slider that provides designers and developers a fast way to get up and running with a image slider. We like it so much that we’ve used it as home page slider on this site.

The plugin is released under the MIT license. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. You may modify the plugin as you wish.


  • Simple, semantic markup.
  • Supported in Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 10+, and IE7+.
  • iOS and Android devices are supported as well.
  • Slide and Fade animations.
  • Highly customizable slider options.
  • Directional, keyboard, and touch swipe navigation.
  • Lightweight (5 Kb minified).
  • You can use all HTML elements in the slides.
  • Free to use under the MIT license.

So this was the basic details about the plugin. When you’ll download the plguin from WooThemes or from its GitHub page, you’ll find that it is having a simple demonstration. In FlexSlider’s default demonstration you’ll find a simple slider with simple title and caption. But what if you want to use custom animated title and caption with each slide. In this article you’ll find the linked demo and download for FlexSlider with animated title and caption.

cheers!!! 🙂.



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