How an HTML Sitemap Can Improve your Search Engine Optimization Image
by Tikendra Maitry | Feb 20.2013

HTML sitemap is one of several important tactics to improve performance of your site on search engines. It is quite useful in distributing your link juice within site efficiently. You can use HTML sitemap to boost your search engine optimization. Yet many bloggers and webmasters ignore it.

Now first of all you should know, what is HTML sitemap?

HTML sitemap is just a simple html page of your website and this outlines the whole structure of your website. It links to all pages on your site.

It is really important to understand the difference between xml sitemap and html sitemap before moving further.

If you are having crawling or indexation problem on your site XML site maps are helpful but on contrary if you are not having such problems with your website it is not essential.

The HTML sitemap is a regular webpage and it can be read by search engine bots as well as by users. HTML sitemap link backs to all the pages your website have although you can exclude pages which are not important.

For search engine optimization point of view its very good to have external back links pointing to your HTML sitemap. It is good and beneficial because the juice coming for the external back link will be distributed to all the pages on your website.

So, consider dropping your signature link or author link pointing to your HTML sitemap instead of you home page link next time.

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